Remember Someone Special

Create or find a tribute page to share memories and make donations so together we can remember the many things that made your loved one a special person to know and love.

A powerful reminder that when lives are lost, they are not forgotten.

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How it works

Celebrate the life of your loved one and collect money in their memory to fund our pioneering research. Their life will play a part in every breakthrough we make for many years to come.

Personalise your tribute page.

Commemorate the life of your loved one by sharing messages and photos to celebrate the many things that made them unique.

Collect donations in their memory.

Messages and donations from family and friends can bring comfort as they honour the life of your loved one.

Mark occasions and raise money.

Continue your loved one’s memory by coming back to your tribute page over time to mark poignant occasions.

“Our father was a cardiologist, passionate about research into heart disease. When he tragically lost his life to Covid-19, we weren’t able to invite friends or wider family to the funeral, have them visit us at home or even send cards or flowers for fear of contamination risk. Creating a BHF tribute page in his memory gave us a space to share what motivated Dad and made him special, and let friends and family pay their respects online. We’ve been very comforted by the messages of love and support, and moved by the generous donations. Our tribute page will continue our father’s legacy and help saves lives in future.”

Nitika & Nimisha