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Alison Wood on 09/02/2007

David Ashcroft Parry

Welcome to the Gift of Hope Heart Fund which has been set up in memory of David. He was a loyal and loving son and brother and the very best husband, father, grand-dad, friend and colleague anyone could be, and anyone could wish for. We believe we were incredibly lucky to have had David, and to have been such a large part of his life. We will always love him, and be grateful that his little grand-daughters will be able to remember him and his love for them. We know that this wonderful man, who was our rock, will continue to help us and support us in the future, as he did during his lifetime.
Since October 2006 David appeared to be suffering from the symptoms of angina but had all the relevant tests done, including an angiogram, which showed no problems with his heart and arteries. David had always been a fit, active man who exercised regularly and ate healthily. He did all he could to learn about what might be wrong with him, hoping to prevent further problems. Sadly, on January 17th 2007, time suddenly ran out. He was not ready to leave us, and we were certainly not ready to let him go.
This fund has been set up to raise money for the British Heart Foundation to help research into heart disease in the hope that other families will be spared the suffering and loss that we now feel.
Thank you so much for your support and your donations. With love from Jean, Alison, Jonathan and all the family.
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Mrs John & Anne Kidston

In memory of a truly special man and friend.


Mrs Alison Wood

Not to be outdone by Martin's marathon effort, I ran a 'guess the finishing time' champagne sweepstake/sponsorship with the mums at school for my olympic distance triathlon (1500m swim/40km bike/10km run) in July. I just managed to sneek in under 2 hours 40 mins and don't think I'll ever do another one! Grand total raised (with gift aid) by very generous family and friends a marvellous £831. A huge thank you all round!


Mrs Alison Wood

A fantastic thank-you to family, friends and colleagues who sponsored me when I ran the 2007 Flora London Marathon. My BHF donation page raised £488.60 (which has gone towards general BHF work and isn't shown in the total for this Hope Fund). There is also a further £145 for David's page here, from the 'guess the finishing time' office sweepstake and family donations. This (with gift-aid re-claimed tax) brings the total raised by everyone in support of my marathon run to a wonderful £674.20.


Peggy C

To David - A life well lived, leaving many happy memories.


Mrs Zahara Hyde Peters

A much admired man whom will be sorely missed; I often envied Alison her great dad. I know he will always be in our thoughts.


Mr Martin Wood

You will be always be with us, in our hearts and in our thoughts. Love for ever A, M, L & K.


Anne B. & R

No words will ease the sorrow.


Peter & Joan S.

With all our love.


Diane & Tony W.

In loving memory.


Richard and John F. and families

In loving memory.

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