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Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund

Jamie was full of energy and enthusiasm for life and showed no signs of being unwell, but he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 14th March 2015. He was 13 years old.

He had died in his sleep and would have known nothing about it.

Jamie died from severe myocarditis and although rarely fatal, on this occasion it took a life.

The statistics of these unexpected young sudden cardiac deaths (YSCD) are frightening. At least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people (14-35) die EACH WEEK as a result of an unknown heart condition. 80% have no prior symptoms (just like Jamie).

This Gift of Hope Fund is directly contributing to the research into Myocarditis being carried out by Professor Marelli-Berg of the British Heart Foundation.

Supervised by BHF Professor Federica Marelli Berg, this Clinical Research Training Fellow is looking for new ways to diagnose and treat myocarditis, when the heart muscle becomes severely inflamed.

It is difficult to diagnose myocarditis as the test involves doing an invasive biopsy of the heart muscle, and it is not very sensitive and can miss the diagnosis. There is also no specific treatment for myocarditis. Although we know that immune cells called T cells cause inflammation of the heart muscle in myocarditis, we don’t know exactly which T cells are involved and how they are encouraged to travel to the heart.

If successful, this research could reveal a new, non-invasive laboratory test to diagnose myocarditis, and a possible new way to treat it.

Your support is greatly appreciated.
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Forever in our hearts xxxx



Always in our hearts, Jamie. x


Mum, Dad & Ross

Forever in our hearts, Jamie. x


Mum, Dad & Ross

Forever in our hearts. x Sleep Tight, Little Man x


Trefoil Guild

Thank you for your help.


The Paxtons

(via Jamie's VMG page): Merry Christmas


The Johnstons

(via Jamie's VMG page): Will be thinking of Jamie


The Rimmingtons

(via Jamie's VMG donation page)



In Memory of my Grandson Jamie at Christmas, God bless.



In Memory of my Grandson Jamie at Christmas, God bless.

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