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Jean Geldard

My mum suffered over the past few years with a weak heart, in 2014 she broke her femur after a fall and lost nearly all her confidence to walk on her own anywhere without help. Mum used to whizz around everywhere and we had a guest house even into her 80's together. Last August she suffered with cellulitis and both her legs were bandaged daily by the district nurses. Unfortunately bank holiday weekend i was also taken ill and blue lighted into hospital and had to wait until the holiday weekend was over to find out that i had a massive growth leading to a hysterectomy. I was mums full time carer and this became a little difficult for mum. My husband Kevin looked after her at meal times while i was unable to help. In January 2018 she got acute cellulitus and ended up in hospital plus catching the flu virus going round. Back home for 8 weeks and then in March returning to hospital with sepsis. Mum came out of hospital in May for 10 days but returned to hospital with sepsis again. Unfortunately mum passed away on the 14th June. I made mums wreath for the British Heart Foundation for her funeral with artificial flowers as we always had cut flowers at home and dad was a keen gardener. Mum used to do flower arranging back in the 70's. I used different flowers from each member of the family in the arrangement and gave a definition for each flower in the order of service.
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Mum's Funeral Collection

I would like to thank everyone who donated on the day of mums funeral. Unfortunately not all gift envelopes were completed by individuals.

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Mum crafting with Gomersal WI Group
mum loved crafting and company

Mums 90th birthday party
I gave mum a surprise party for her 90th back in 2016

This is my mum last year in June at one of our Clandestine Cake Club meeting at Huddersfield, mum liked to bake and i used to help her

me (Kay) youngest daughter

My home made wreath
all mums favourite flowers