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Aimi Spinks on 06/11/2018

John Michael Ghadiali

My dad was my hero.
He was 6ft 3in with a heart as big as a lion.

He devoted most of his life into helping others. He was a registered psychiatric nurse for the NHS for over 30 years including after he retired. He tried to save people who thought they was beyond saving and in many cases he gave them hope.

Also John G aka The Man of Steel did so much (unrecognised) charity work within his life time. This ranged to volunteering for local charities, to a Night Walk for Cancer Research, to walking on Hot Coals for Willow Wood Hospice and many more.

It was his life ambition in giving to others in any way which was possible.

On a cold February Evening of 2014 my hero had a fatal heart attack. This stemmed from a heart condition which he knew nothing about. Our hero had fallen and our hearts were broken.

Heart Disease took my dad, my hero away and he didn't get to walk Me down the aisle at my wedding.

Heart Disease took a loving Grandad away from his beautiful Grandchildren and they have little or no memories

Heart Disease stole a loyal and loving father, son, brother uncle and friend.

So I've set up this page in honour of my wonderful hero. It will run until Spring/Summer 2019 where we will be running a "Afternoon Tea in Memory of John G"

By raising money I hope to stop anyone going through the heartbreak I've lived with for the last 4 years. To help anyone with a Heart condition/Heart disease find answers and cures, to also encourage men to visit their doctor if they "feel something is wrong. To raise awareness in the memory of my wonderful dad!

To give others hope.

This is for you Superman ❤💙❤
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Scouse Mc

Happy to give in honour of Big John


Marie Hicklin

I remember John from way back in the 70s. Happy to donate to such a worthy cause and a lovely man xx So sorry for your loss xx


Lynsey B

Good luck with the fundraising Aimi! I can relate to the pain of losing someone so suddenly to an unknown about condition. Keep smiling!:) x


Mark Montrose

Aimi, What a fantastic idea. I wish you every success with your event. I hope you raise lots of cash. Warm regards Mark x

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