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Olive Torbett

Thanks for visiting Olive’s Gift of Hope page and thank you so much for your donation in her memory. There is a visitor's page for you to add your own memories of her.

Our lovely Mum always loved flowers, plants and gardens. Nothing delighted her more than a bunch of flowers, whether it be a posh beribboned bouquet or a bunch of daffs from the supermarket. She loved them all.

So it might at first sound odd that her wishes for her own funeral was ‘no flowers’. The reason for this is that she felt strongly that donations to charity rather than funeral bouquets are a more meaningful way to commemorate a loved one.

At the age of 92 or so, Olive began to write witty little ditties generally reflecting on life.

One of the last she wrote, a few weeks before she passed away aged 93, was called ‘Request’ and it went thus:

“I love plants and flowers
Give them to me while I’m here
For no matter how I wish I could
I won’t smell them from my bier”

So you’ll understand why it’s important to us that our Mum’s wishes are put into action.

The charity dearest to Mum’s heart is the British Heart Foundation whose main work is research into heart disease and whose vision is ‘a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease’. It’s an important charity to us as a family too; family members past and present have suffered heart problems, Mum included.

We were blessed to have a few extra precious years with Mum after she was fitted with a pacemaker at the age of 90; she was living proof of the advances in heart surgery that the BHF’s research has made possible.

This page will be left ongoing - so that in the future family can, if they wish, donate at special times when we are thinking of our mum, so that our memories of her will help the fund grow.
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I will remember you as the life and soul of the party. Viva Espana!


Vera & Fred Edmonds

For Olive's charity, from Vera & Fred Edmonds

A gift

Lorraine & John Evans

In Memory of Olive


Bink & Mick

My darling you are with me wherever I go xx


Sheila & Margaret


Nilan and Jenny

In memory of Olive xx


Sam and Ant

Forever in our hearts and memories. xxx


Margaret Amer


Doris Chilton

Many thanks to Doris for the kind donation in memory of our lovely Mum, to her chosen charity.

A gift

Sheena and Michael Hughes-Nurse

in fond memory of Olive x

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my favourite picture
Mum always had a naughty sense of humour. Here she is with her group of bad girls sneaking a quick ciggie behind the bike sheds....

the matriarch

Cheers Nanny!

Love you Mum...
Mum was the absolute centre of our large family and we all loved her. Joni and Mum sharing a special moment at Amy's wedding.

Family Christmas
Mum loved family Christmases and often paid for the hire of a big house over Christmas so we could all be together.

Beautiful Glamorous Mum!
A lovely photo of Mum at one of our favourite family holiday spots, Sugary Cove in Cornwall.

Family Camping!
Mum was always central to any family events. Even Family Camping! Just as a 'day visitor' of course.

Family wedding
Mum absolutely loved weddings! This was taken at Amy & Dan's and she enjoyed every minute of it.

And baby Leo too..
Mum was delighted when another great grandchild arrived in Jan. Here she is with the grandkids,& the g-grandkids, Byron, Billy and Leo

grand daughters...
This one is Mum with her grandaughters, Amy and Louise.

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