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Scott Lowe on 07/02/2019

Scott Adamson British heart foundation fundraiser page

Hi every one family and friends . We have set this page up thanks to the British heart foundation on behalf of Scott. We are working really hard with the bhf to fulfill Scott passion of supporting the bhf in so many ways, Scott suddenly passed on the 12.5.18 after fighting infection what attacked his heart . With Scott already having a weak heart he could not fight the infection and Scott gained his wings and left us to go to the other side . Us a family and so many friends will keep Scotts legacy going ,now we have become British heart foundation volunteers. Therefor we will be doing so many events over the years to raise as much as possible to help in every way to save so many lives with the research in fighting heart disease and heart conditions . I would like to take this time to thank every individual who has donated and the people that has been there at this hard time . We will get their in the end and make Scott proud . Also as Scott's brother I would like to thank wendy Adamson are amazing mum who has been their no matter what .and are amazing sister rebecca you both are one in a million .also All the family for the amazing work in organising fundraiser events.
You are doing an amazing job.. Scott would be so proud . He loves us all .. r.i.p Scott. Love u from all the family .

Much appreciated
Scott's family
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Helen adamson

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. Missing you so much it hurts. We promise we will make you so proud. Keep looking down on us xx


From Matt. Love u brother .. miss u so much .

Miss u so much Scott. Hope ya having a ball up there and ya with rest of the family . Every day gets harder and harder .love u pal xxxxxx

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Scott enjoying benidorm my first hol with him. Xxx

Me and r kid
Miss him


Scott and ellie
In London

Scott when butter would not melt

First holiday with my brother in law ❤ and miss you forever