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How would you describe them?

“Theo Lucas Kingsley Monk is a very special little boy who lit up our lives for just over 6 short years, but stays in our hearts for ever.”

What did they love most?

“Theo loved music, spinning things and yoghurt! Mr Tumble was the best thing ever and made him laugh every time he saw him!”

What will you remember most about them?

“I loved everything about Theo from the touch of his silky auburn hair to the wet cheek pressed next to mine. Life is an empty space without him.”

Welcome to the Gift of Hope Heart Fund which has been set up in memory of  a very special little boy, THEO LUCAS KINGSLEY MONK.  Theo had a host of special needs, including a visual impairment, physical difficulties, autism and profound developmental delay.  He grew from a tiny scrap, who struggled to feed, to a seemingly healthy boy who loved life and engaged all with his beautiful smile and gentle demeanour.  Following his tragic and untimely death at 6 years old in September 2008 we found out that he had an undetected heart defect.  We set up the Gift of Hope Fund in the belief that this was the reason for his death.  However, we have subsequently found out that this was not the reason for his death. It is still a mystery as to why he aspirated that night.  He was taken from us so suddenly and cruelly.  He is missed by all who knew him.  Life is just not the same without him.  Although we have no answers for why we lost Theo, our wish for no family to lose a child for whatever reason remains.  This fund has been set up to raise money for the British Heart Foundation to help them research congenital heart conditions. More information about Theo can be found on his website: Thank you.
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Anna Kingsley

Happy birthday beautiful boy from Mummy, Daddy and Alexander xxx


Neil Wilson

Thinking about Theo and family!


Alison, Neil Jacob & Abi


Reg Monk

Remembering our beautiful boy at Christmas and always ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Neil, Alison, Jacob & Abi

Thinking of you on your birthday and always!


Anne Ward

In memory of a dear little boy. Shine on Theo. X


Neil, Alison, Jacob & Abi

Thinking of you all at this time of year.


Mr Neil Wilson

Happy Birthday Theo


Mr Reg Monk

A donation from John Aldred for the New Year xx


Mr Neil Wilson

Thinking of you at Christmas time and always. Love from Neil, Alison, Jacob and Abi

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Cuddles with Alexander
Theo's 3rd birthday with big brother Alexander

First January 2003
Theo is wearing his Christmas present from his cousin Samantha! What a cutie, looking so much more relaxed, giving hope for 2003.

First Christmas 2002
At last we were beginning to get smiles from our fretful baby - must have been the Christmas magic!

A new baby boy!
Theo and Daddy enjoying a well earned nap!

18th September 2012

We visited Sun Rising a usual and felt at peace. We then went onto the NMA to see your tree, growing so tall. There are lots of copper leaves on the Edward's Trust bronze memorial tree and they make a lovely tickling sound. You would have loved them! Still missing you so much. Nothing makes it better but knowing friends care helps to make it more bearable. You are loved and missed by so many people who knew the beautiful boy you always will be.

Entry added on 20/09/2012

15th wedding anniversary

I am adding a sub-fund to Theo's fund to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary on 21st June 2013.

Entry added on 21/05/2013

Thinking of that cheerful, lively little boy and all the happy memories I have of him and our time together after school. X


Merry Christmas 2012 darling boy. No Christmas present could ever be as good as seeing you again. I never stop missing you.


One special boy not forgotten xxxx

Karen, Keith, Lottie and Harry Rousell

This is the first message for our beautiful boy. You are always in my heart and my thoughts. Time does not heal, only memories of you make each day bearable. Love you more than words could ever say.


Happy New Year Theo Lots of love from Mummy xxxx


He will never forgotten for his tugging of the curtains