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Roger Paul Davison John Graham Forder, David leigh

I am setting up this this fund for three people who although had the biggest hearts, the most loving and caring hearts sadly passed away as i feel their hearts were dedicating all of their efforts to these things and did not have enough energy left to keep them beating. They say that the good die young , some unfortunately younger than others. Dave however, in the time he was on this earth touched so many lives with his overwhelming kindness and great deal of love that anyone who met him felt as though they had known him forever. He is missed by many every day, he left a piece of his heart inside all those he met and sadly hadn't enough left for himself. An amazing man who always thought of others before himself . He shall always remain with those he knew but at the same time be missed beyond belief.My father Roger spent his life helping everyone he met, even if some did not appreciate it. He was a man who i believe couldn't say a bad word of anyone and so never did. My father was an angel in life and i truly believe he has remained that way. Faced with pain all through his life that  would break any other man, my father however, never gave in. He worked as a fireman to help others until it was himself in need of help . Suffering from diabetes and ischeamic heart disease , through this he would get very bad angina and i only wish i would of realized what he was going through at the time. Diabetes led to renal failure and no possibility of a transplant as his heart was not strong enough t accept a new kidney. My father chose to stop the pain via palliative care and this in turn left my heart broken. He deserved so much but asked for so little i only hope that he is now receiving all the things he could not find in life and is finally out of pain.Then last but by no means least my partner John Graham Forder. A man whose heart was tested all  his life be it through the attitudes of others, his will to remain the iron man and king of his pride or from relationships that were not as they should of been. I could see the pain in his eyes but had no idea that the physical pain he suffered was as bad as it was. He like my father suffered from heart disease the very same in fact, ischeamic heart disease. John underwent so many hard times that his heart found it hard to cope. His conditioned worsened and became heart failure. The man i looked to as my rock and to keep me safe was losing his strength and as he would not tell anyone how bad it really was, i was unable to understand. He had a pacemaker fitted, tablets changed but with 3 heart attacks earlier in life the doctor could not guarantee that this solution would work as planned. I would look to anything i could for help , to help him find the strength he had once more.For the year following my fathers death i looked to him to help from where ever he was. It could not be fixed, i hid the truth from myself and just hoped i had no idea he would leave me when he did. I loved him , like my father with every last beat of my heart. Almost exactly a year between the two i lost john. I would speak to him as much as i could even for things i already had the answer to just to hear his voice. When the time came that i could no longer speak to him my already broken heart shattered into a million pieces. The two people i loved dearly and knew would never do anything to make me feel otherwise were taken from me because of hearts left unable to beat from a life time of hurt. If anyone can understand what it is to lose a loved one like this i urge you to please, stop others suffering the same. The British heart foundation work tirelessly to help the lives of those affected by this terrible condition , every single day. They work to research new ways of controlling the problem through medication, surgery , equipment , specially trained staff and facilities in our hospitals. They also try to educate people as to how to live their lives so as to prevent this happening to them. Through diet, exercise and ways of living a happy healthy life all around. In addition to this they also help those who suffer as a result of a loved ones problem with advice counseling and the chance to attend days which help raise funds for them to continue doing their wonderful work. You need not donate, many of us can't . There are many ways you can help the British heart foundation including by volunteering to join up with the wonderful people who give up their time to help those with and those affected by heart disease.I urge you please find it in your heart to help these brilliant people carry on with their life saving work even if it is just by telling a friend of how the British heart foundation help so many. If you have not felt nor seen a problem with your or a loved ones heart it is extremely hard to understand how much pain both physically and emotionally this causes. I would not want anyone to find out. Please lend some of your heart to this cause , if only briefly as i, i don't think i have any of mine still in tact.So to Dave Leigh, Roger Davison and John Forder i will say, i hope that you now are in a place that far exceeds anything i could possibly imagine. I hope you have bypassed paradise and found somewhere even better. May you now be able to rest and not feel pain again. I and all those that had the pleasure of meeting you will never stop loving you as i truly believe you will never stop loving us. Rest in paradise - and with everything you have ever wanted. Because you truly , truly deserve far more than we  could give you here on earth.xxxxxxxJanina Davison-Forder  
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