Gary Turner To the moon and back


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Gary Turner To the moon and back

Thank you for visiting my Gift of Hope fund.

The British Heart Foundation is leading the fight against heart disease and they rely upon their supporters to help them continue their vital and ground-breaking research. This special fund has been set up to raise money in support of their essential work. If you are a UK taxpayer you can add 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you by simply ticking the Gift Aid box when you donate.

Thank you again.
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Mason fardowe

A donation for an amazing cause to help others with heart conditions , some are not so lucky :( we need to help find a cure to notice xx


Ms Juliana Poloczanska

I first met Gary over 20 years ago, when the girls were playing netball and the boys were having a beer together, back then we were both “Gingers” together! I remember fondly the good times we had, Megan’s christening, his stag do – Crystal Palace where we stripped him and tied him to the roundabout on the parade, the police driving around and around ….. Laughing. On the day of his and Julies wedding he chuckled, “those who tied me up I know who you are and I won’t forget, every dog has its day…..” He was such a funny bloke, also quoting bits of films, we shared our favourites, Snatch and the Life of Brian, “Always look on the bright side of life”, to me that summed Gary up as he enjoyed life to the full, he would try and kiss you with all that stubble (yuk), mostly when Chelsea scored a goal. He enjoyed having people around him and his charisma was infectious, he always brought lots to the table. He was a great character and I know that Julie, Megan Abi meant the world to him. I will remember all the times he made us laugh and all the holidays with him and his family – Pescara – Amsterdam – Benidorm – Benilandena. I was privileged to know him and will miss him dearly KARL If I had to choose a word to describe Gary, I would choose loyal. He was loyal to his friends and his colleagues, always thinking of others, but most off all his was loyal to his family, Julie, Megan and Abi meant the world to him. He would open up his house and his heart to everyone. He was compassionate and he was funny, I can still hear his laugh, I remember his jokes, his occasional toothless smile as he discreetly removed his front teeth to make my boys and me cry with laughter. Just like the rest of him, Gary’s laughter and smiling face was genuine. We had so many good times together and I have so many memories that I will hold in my heart forever. The value of life is what you do with it, when I see friends and family here today, I know that not only did Gary add value to mine, Karl’s and the boy’s lives, he added value to many others too – we loved him, we miss him, we will remember him with a fond affection. Gary we know you will always be with us all. Cheers - JAY


Mrs Julie Turner

Fundraising BHF - Gary Turner's Charity Night - 24th March 2016 - The Kings Arms Keston. Thank you all for supporting me in remembering Gary x

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