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Lorna Welbelove on 25/06/2013


Thank you for visiting my Gift of Hope tribute fund, the British heart foundation is an amazing charity which is so close to my heart. What they are doing is amazing.

This page is to let everyone know how much money my events raise, and where they will be going. It's also a page to view photos and videos of events i've organised, and for people to comment and share whatever they would like, be it to do with the fundraisers, or memories and moments shared with my Dad.

Any donations to this page would be amazing. Whether it be to raise money for an amazing charity, or to give something special in my Dad's memory.
This special fund will help raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation, and all money will go to the broken hearts appeal. The BHF is the nation's heart charity, dedicated to saving lives through pioneering research, patient care and by providing vital information. It would be amazing if we could raise lots of money to help them continue their essential work.
If you are a UK taxpayer you can add 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you by simply ticking the Gift Aid box when you donate.

Thank you again, love to you all.
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Miss Lorna Welbelove

Money kindly donated at the charity concert in memory of Doug Welbelove on 18th July. Thank you to everyone that has given so generously.


Mrs Lois Singh

Well done Lorna, love from Jasmine & Poppy xx


Miss Charlotte Ward

This is wonderful, good luck in the future, love Charlie xx


Miss Beth Large

Sorry I can't come to the concert. Will keep you in my prayers, take care xx


Miss Katja Buckemeyer

So incredibly proud of you! :) Love you to pieces, Katja x

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Doug Welbelove

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Entry 2

So! I've started selling tickets! :D So far i've raised £145. It doesn't sound like a lot, but every penny is going towards an amazing charity. The event is next week, which is exciting but also a bit nervewracking! I have no idea what i'll spend my time doing when the event is over... It's been a good distraction! I've had lots of people wanting to support me in the event which has been amazing, one of my friends has even done a bake sale so raise funds for raffle prizes/add more funds to the overall total, which is amazing and I'm really honoured she's been willing to help so much.

Entry added on 08/07/2013

Heart disease- A very common thing

It's strange, when someone close to you dies, you think 'why me? why my family?' I thought that a lot, and often still think it. But it couldn't have happened to a stronger family. We've helped eachother through thick and thin, and I am so blessed to have them. My mum calls Herself, her 2 daughters and my partner 'The four muskateers' because we stick together through thick and thin, and we're always there when any of us fall down. Heart disease, is something that is so common, but you don't realise it. When my Dad died, I thought, 'this barely ever happens, heart attacks dont just happen suddenly, you have to be ill to have one' Although my Dad was 'ill' he didn't know it, and he was so fit! But through my journey, i've met some people who have been through exactly the same thing. I've come across 3 other people who's fathers died very suddenly of heart attacks. All whom I knew, but have now gotten to know better. You're not alone.

Entry added on 08/07/2013

Entry 1

So, here we are! I didn't think I'd get there, but actually, I think I've managed to put together a concert! Everyone's let me know what they're doing, I've started to sell tickets and companies have been so generous with donating raffle prizes! The companies who donated also sent some really nice letters, which really meant a lot. There's some amazing people taking part, so it will be a fantastic show! But things like this make you realise who your real friends are, when I sent an email out to the people I wanted to be in the concert, they all responded literally within minutes to say they'd love to be in it. So that was amazing, to see how much support they showed. And how much support they have continued to show throughout this journey.

Entry added on 28/06/2013