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Nigel Owen

How would you describe them?

“Nige, he was a loving Husband, a fantastic Dad, a caring Brother and a brilliant Uncle. He was also never shy to speak his mind and would help anyone.”

What did they love most?

“He loved his model trains and had planned to turn the loft in to his own model train world. He also loved carpentry and had more recently gardening.”

What will you remember most about them?

“The most prominent thing we will remember about him is his laugh and the caring nature he had.”

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Patricia Owen

A small amount donated for the sale of some of Nige's items



You was a great friend and business partner I miss you xx


Maria Margetts

To a lovely lady Patricia thanks for all the help This my way of saying thanks


Al Taylor

Donation was given by Al as a thank you for the Large Bench Vice. All cleaned up shiny and new looking. Will be well used instead of rusting



This donation is made by Bianca, as a thank you for some curtains.


Mick Underhill

A truly great man, I always loved visiting his site, whatever was going on he always had a warm welcome, hot brew and time for a chat.

A gift

Mike Clements


Patricia Owen

This is a donation is made instead of sending Christmas cards for the 2017 year. Lots will be done with this money by this wonderful Charity



This donation is from one of Nige's model train pieces. The first of many no doubt.

A gift

Babs (Line dancer)

This donation is from a lovely lady to say thank you one of Nige's small rubab forcers.

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Dancing the night away
Here is Nige with his most favourite nieces Amanda and Lisa just dancing the night away and having fun as usual.

At Woolwich working for the PSA
Here is Nige with some of the lunch time crowd on a Friday. He is with Linda, The QM and Pat. In 1991 we were all just good friends. His leaving party with work mates Ken and David at Artillery Place.

My Boys
Nige always loved his boys

Car show at Kimbolton
1. Nige with Bea and Dan, trying to make up his mind 2. Mmmmm a bit small for my liking 3. Success just the right size

Darren and Nige
Never one to overshadow others, no matter how small.

Mad Hatter
Nige was always one for dressing up, especially for New Years Eve.

Nige and his hard working lads
Pearce Christmas Party 2008 now thats what you called a family affair. Sam,Dean,Phil,Nige,Tim

Aardvark at work
This shows Aardvark definitely did work. Chris and Nige on a hard day.

The Gladiator
Russell Crowe had nothing on Nige, well maybe the loin cloth and breast plate!

The workaholic
There was nothing Nige could turn his hand to.

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Day Eight

Fund now stands at £913.00 wow!!

Entry added on 12/09/2015

Day Ten

Fund now stands at and amazing £893.00. What a fantastically brilliant amount. Nige would be so chuffed that people could be so generous on his behalf.

Entry added on 06/09/2015

Day Twenty Four

And still it climbs now at £1500.00

Entry added on 27/09/2015

Day six

Fund is now £320 wow!!

Entry added on 02/09/2015

Day One

On day one of Niges fund it had reached £110.00

Entry added on 29/08/2015

Day Seven

Fund now stands at £400 incredible.

Entry added on 03/09/2015

Day Twenty one

We meet the big £1000 hooray

Entry added on 25/09/2015

Many weeks later

Hit another milestone today at £1800.00

Entry added on 28/10/2015

Day four

Now 4 days later his fund stands at £150

Entry added on 31/08/2015

Day Twenty Two

Past the mile stone and it now stands at a staggering £1.160

Entry added on 25/09/2015

Dearest Nige, You were the most loving person I have ever met. Kind, generous & supportive to all. You were my whole world and it's a far poorer place without you in it. My life changed the moment I met you and for that I'll be forever grateful. You will be in my heart always and forever. All my Love & Affection "H" xxxx


It’s almost a cliché to say ‘one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet’ and ‘he wouldn’t harm a fly’ and ‘hardly a bad word to say about anybody’ – but about Nige truer words cannot be spoken. I saw him not often enough but I know he was a dedicated partner and husband to Pat and it is an honour to have known and spent time with him. RIP. Lots of love from Darren, Ivana, Jeremy & Jonathan Collins xxx

Darren Collins

I always looked forward to visiting your home on Sundays Nig. where you'd show me around your garden,The raised beds which held the vegetables and other things you were so proud of, and your enthusiasim seemed to grow on me. We'd talk about our mutual interest in model trains and how you intended to to create a railway layout in the loft, just waiting until time permitted. You were a really creative person and always took pride in what ever you did. You will be sorely missed

Alan Vardon

We'll always remember you uncle and brother so dear, with warmth, love, affection, and, good cheer... We'll keep you alive in the fond memories we have, safe and secure until our time is had... May you now be resting peacefully, until we all meet again...reunited, as a family, in harmony, and whole, once again...xxxx

Lisa Keedwell

Nigel was an amazing man I was his business partner for over 11 years we had a great time. he always had a smile and when things got tough he always found a way round it. i will miss my dear friend.

Chris Mullen

Nige, what can I say about him that other people haven't already said. This man was a true gentleman who certainly brightened my day when I spoke to him. His sudden passing has shocked us all at EBP we will all miss his infectious laughter and his sense of humour. I feel very privileged and honoured to have been part of Nige's working life. Rest in peace me old cockney sparrow. The Carrot cruncher.

Dave Ellis

Our Dear Uncle and Brother, Nigel... Those long, tender bear hugs, you so willingly gave, so comforting, so welcome, in so many ways.... Your giant presence, so protective, and warm, your kindly brown eyes twinkling, with affection and charm... There's so much we'll miss, oh uncle and brother, so left with treasured memories, held tightly and near... So sudden was your departure, no time for goodbyes, forever a void in all of our lives.

Lisa Keedwell

Nig, what a lovely man loved coming round cutting your hair (plus eyebrows) used to love listening to pat & your stories as nothing was ever simple, always looked forward to the tour round the house and garden. You will be sadly missed lots of love M xxx

Michelle Austin

From your Ever Loving Sis My dear brother who will be sadly missed But you will always be in my heart And you will always be a beautiful memory That has been enriched by the love that we shared

Barbara Withey