What is a tribute page?

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A tribute page is a space to remember the millions of things that made your loved one a wonderful person to know and love.  It lets you share stories, pictures and videos, and it lets friends and family share messages of condolence or commemoration that can be of great comfort.  The page is yours to come back to in time and visit whenever you like. 

It’s also a place to collect money in memory of your loved one which will fund pioneering research into heart and circulatory diseases.  Every donation made to your tribute page comes directly to us and whenever you visit the page you can see the value of the fund created by your loved one’s memory.  A powerful reminder that when lives are lost, they are not forgotten.

You can also add events to your tribute page and collect donations linked to these events.  This means you can create a funeral notice and collect donations online in lieu of flowers, or in time you could mark special occasions in your loved one’s continued memory, or host fundraising events in their memory, all linked to your main tribute page.

You can share your tribute page easily with family and friends by email or social media – share the link to the fund’s main page or share the link for an individual event – all donations add up to the fund’s overall total.

By creating a tribute page, you can feel proud that paying to tribute to your loved one is powering pioneering research into heart and circulatory diseases.  Whether you create a tribute page for a funeral collection or grow your tribute over time into a larger fund, the memory of your loved one will play a role in every treatment we discover, every cure we find and every life we transform.  Not only in the coming weeks and months, but for generations to come.

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Our father was a cardiologist, passionate about research into heart disease. When he tragically lost his life to Covid-19, we weren’t able to invite friends or wider family to the funeral, have them visit us at home or even send cards or flowers for fear of contamination risk. Creating a Gift of Hope tribute fund in his memory gave us a space to share what motivated Dad and made him special, and let friends and family pay their respects online. We’ve been very comforted by the messages of love and support, and moved by the generous donations. Our tribute page will continue our father’s legacy and help saves lives in future.
Nitika & Nimisha