How our fees work

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What are admin fees?

When you make a donation to the British Heart Foundation through our tribute pages, the charity is charged an admin fee by the payment service providers to process the donation transaction.

The cost to the charity to process your donation is a transaction fee plus card fees. These fees vary depending on your payment method:

1.2% + £0.20 with EU Cards 
2.9% + £0.20 with Non EU and American Express card
1.4% + £0.30 with Paypal

This value of this fee is deducted from individual donations to cover the cost to us.


What does it mean if I agree to cover admin fees?

We offer donors the opportunity to ‘top-up’ their donation to offset the transaction fee, so that the full intended value of a donation reaches the BHF.

If you agree to cover the cost of admin fees, a sum of 3.1% of your donation is automatically added to your final payment. The 3.1% is calculated based on the average calculation of fees incurred for donations.


How does it work?


When making a donation, you will see there is tick box you can select for you to cover cost of the admin fees.

When you tick the box to cover admin cost, 3.1% is automatically added to your final donation. For example, if you donate £30 and select to cover the admin cost of 3.1%, an additional £0.93 will be added to the final transaction.

This means that we will receive the full amount of your donation and that more of your more of your money is going towards funding life saving research, so we can beat heart break forever.

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