Hayley's English Channel Solo 2019

02 July, 2019

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Helen and Hayley on 09/03/2019

Hayley's English Channel Solo 2019

Our sister Heather was just 36 when she died from a heart condition we knew nothing about. It should have been a routine operation and it’s a phone call I will never forget.

Swimming became a place where I could talk to her as if she could hear me. Our 2-person English Channel Relay in 2017 was amazing and within a couple of months I was booked to go again, this time Solo. If the Great British weather is kind to me, I will swim sometime between 22-30th June 2019 to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Losing Heather left me disconnected and threw me off balance. In my mind she will be forever young, fun loving, kind, giving and someone who I shared the longest running jokes with. She was my baby sister, and she can never be replaced.

All I can do now is to continue to support the FIGHT for a world without heartbreak. Thank you so much for your donation. It helps me to live with this ‘new sense of normal’ and be the best wife, sister, aunty, great aunty and friend I can be.

Pariter.In Aeternum.Quocumque
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Hayley Well done and congratulations Big hugs P


Berts Friend

Well done Hayley!


Andy Hooper

Congratulations - Amazing Achievement - Inspirational Raising money for a very worthy cause.


Dom Hughes

Just amazing Hayley. Such a superstar. Your sister was the same age I am now. She would be so proud of this inspirational achievement!


Jan Coombes

Your amazing achievement is inspiring. I'm a friend of Michelle, who talks with pride about your swimming exploits.



Brilliant as always xx


Amanda B


Helen and Phil

Has to be done! So proud of you! All the things we have achieved in a relatively short time - who'da thought!??? 😁



That was just incredible and no doubt has inspired many others to get their backsides of the sofa and start raising money for good causes


Sue Daley

Well I told everyone else to do it!!! Well done Hayley!

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