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Sarah Standing on 03/11/2015

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Thank you for visiting our Gift of Hope fund.

Next June will mark the 20th anniversary of the sudden death of Wallace Standing from a heart attack.

To commemorate this anniversary we are starting now, twelve months in advance, with a busy schedule of widely varying events designed to raise funds in Wallace's name for the British Heart Foundation.

Do you think you might be able to give us some help?

We're not asking you for money (well, not just yet), but for your involvement and enthusiasm.

Your involvement might be setting and meeting a personal challenge, dancing the night away, or simply eating cake (yes, seriously). But we would love you to join us and help to make these events a big success.

Ridgeway 40 Walk
Christmas Crafts
Coffee Morning and Raffle
Quiz Night
K&A 60 Cycle Ride

Please contact us if you'd like to be involved.

The British Heart Foundation is leading the fight against heart disease and they rely upon their supporters to help them continue their vital and ground-breaking research. This special fund has been set up to raise money in support of their essential work. If you are a UK taxpayer you can add 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you by simply ticking the Gift Aid box when you donate.

Thank you again.
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Miss Sarah Standing

A fabulous day with such generous and supportive family and friends.


Mr Matthew Preston

Good luck Dale - From all of the Eclipse Team


Mrs Debby Armstrong

Well done Sarah, amazing achievement x


Mr Steve Watson

Amazing James!! So impressed. You must have trained really hard. Sorry we didn't get there to cheer you on. Well done from Steve, Nick & William. :)


Mr martin purslow

To Martin and Paula - well done from Fred and Valerie from Yatesbury


Mr Martin Purslow

Donation from Mike and Jackie Richards from Yatesbury - Well done for your fund raising Paula and Martin


Aviva PLC

Aviva have kindly matched the amount currently raised by Debs


Miss Deborah Yaxley

Thanks philippa and a bit extra from me to make £250


Mr David Dobbin

Great cause, great effort. Big love??


Mrs rachel critchell

Well done Sarah and all who have participated if i had not been so busy moving house etc who knows how we could have been part of your team another time maybe very best wishes Rachel & Ray

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Events in memory of
Wallace Standing

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Christmas crafts and coffee morning
Coming soon!

Ridgeway 40 walk
Our first challenge was to walk 40 miles along the Ridgeway. A tough but incredible day.

The Be Involved Team
We have an amazing core team of friends and family who are helping us every step of the way.

Thank you to Ridgeway 40 support team

What can be said about our support teams? Well, for a start, they were all round amazing. Secondly, they made the support teams for the Tour-de-France look shambolic and seriously under-resourced. Thirdly, they showed great patience waiting for us to arrive at our rendezvous points (we were running a bit behind schedule) and also had great stamina, dedicating a whole day to look after us. (I actually think we had the easy job on the day!). Our walk would not have been possible without you (and would have been substantially less enjoyable). Thank you for the non-stop supply of food, water, frozen flannels, encouragement and kisses (that last from Mrs Moo!). Massive thanks also to Martin and Paula for rescuing us at the end with an impressive supply of torches. We literally were stumbling around in the dark until you arrived!! We would also like to thank our friends, family and even people we don’t know for their generous donations.

Entry added on 05/11/2015

Ridgeway 40

On a scorching hot August day Laura Illsley, Dave Kilbey and Sarah Standing completed their challenge to walk 40 miles along the Ridgeway. The intrepid team picked up the trail at Streatley near Goring, taking in three counties as well as the spectacular ancient castles of Uffington, Liddington and Barbury to finish at West Overton near Avebury in Wiltshire. They were joined at the beginning by Katie and Neil who kept spirits high as they conquered the first 20 in continuously building heat and little shade. After a long, slow and painful climb to reach White Horse Hill Katie completed her 20 miles and the team was joined by Karen and Clair. The next 10 miles took in the spectacular landmarks around Swindon, Foxhill, Liddington Castle and in the distance Barbury Castle. At a “random layby” somewhere near Chiseldon the team were greeted by the Silverton and Davies families, waving huge flags and a spirit that kept the team going until Barbury Castle.

Entry added on 05/11/2015

Ridgeway 40 ... the final challenge

At Barbury Castle, almost two hours behind schedule and just as the energy levels were at their lowest the team were greeted on the hill side by friends, family and an exuberant Mrs Moo. The support and kindness was overwhelming and exactly what the team needed to see them through to the end (Ed. Actually I needed a quad bike, but there you go…) After a short snack break the team were joined by the ‘Barbury to Hackpen walkers’ including Mary Smith, Gilly Illsley who would see the walk to the end. With this uplifting crowd it was an incredibly enjoyable section that seemed over in a second. All that remained was the 4.4 miles to Overton…. The final challenge didn’t seem far in comparison to the rest of the walk but when the sun had set it very soon became a completely different kind of challenge. Torches were switched on but light was limited and the terrain tough. Luckily Paula and Martin arrived with head torches to see us through to the incredibly emotional greeting at the end.

Entry added on 05/11/2015